Changes in March 2015 release of Athenaeum Pro

Changes in March 2015 release...
Changes in March 2015 release:
Rework of specifying fee account code for fees. If an item has it's own account code and the preference in admin is set to use that, then the default fee account code is overriden by the item's account code.
Updated tool-tip on account code field on detail screen
KAMAR users note: When specifying fee account codes to be sent to KAMAR, only valid codes accepted will be from 0 to 50 inclusive. This will be effective from KAMAR 912v24 (introduced term 2 2015)
Archive Deletion
Restriction and finer control of deletion of archive records, along with more detailed logging. Applied to both Archive layouts and audit layouts.
Adjusted restore found set from archive for optimal performance
Restyled labels in catalogue detail views to better show on low contrast (low cost) displays. Rather than a light grey, these are now bronze/grey
Added thousands separator to quick stats on main menu
Resized message count banner on main menu to make it more obvious when messages are available
New option to review Library of Congress.
  • Reserves table looks up id based on bar code, if no value
  • Fixed a bug in borrower types showing wrong field
  • Adjusted conditional formatting on catalogue bar code in list views
  • Restored the navigate to QuickMARC option directly, when the preference is set
  • Fixed the filemaker bug where buttons don't stick to portals (fees tab, borrowers)
  • Catfixedissueperiod and catmaxloanperiod auto-enter getasnumber () to clear out text values
  • Experimental grab wheeler's image from url updated to handle url redirection
  • Fixed the "sending" name in one configuration of send email by smtp
  • Reserve option dialog bug fix: tooltip on send email to borrower email was showing email 1 not email 2
  • Bar code utility explicitly installs standard menus and sets "idle" time
  • Adjusted timing controlling athenaeum web message checks
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