Tagging random library items

A fun technique to tag random items for notification when issued.

Tagging items

A fun request came in today. Pauline wanted to tag random books with a message so that when those books were issued, the issuer would be notified of a spot prize. What a great way to motivate readers!

There are two parts to this and it turns out that they are quite easy, though the first bit might not be obvious.

The first, in this case is randomising a partial or the entire list of books. When you choose "Sort Records" from the Records menu, a standard sort dialogue box is shown. However, the available list of fields upon which you can sort is limited to the fields that are visible to you at the time.

The field you want to sort upon is called "z_random", which is normally hidden. So, you must choose to list all of the fields in the catalogue.

The second is to simply add an issue message to the items you wish to - in this case - notify with spot prizes.

Have a look at this Athenaeum Youtube channel video to see how it is done:

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