Athenaeum Pro 2016.5 tweaks

A brief list of the main changes in the Athenaeum Pro 2016.5 update:
A brief list of the main changes in the Athenaeum Pro 2016.5 update:

  • New "quick" detail tabs for catalog and borrower. Minimal fields and larger font. Corresponding setting in Admin to default to these views. Intended for light users of Athenaeum such as resource libraries (e.g. a department's text books).

  • Allowed editing of archive reason in catalogue archive detail screen

  • Graphics can be linked by Genre rather than Type, if desired. If you load graphics for both type and genre, then the genre "wins".

  • Allow searching for words sans selected punctuation. For example, you can search for "Boy's Own" by typing "boys own"

  • on small detail screen, removed itemtype list. Created content type list

  • When clicking a search suggestion in the "hot topics" or "reading lists" on the search screen AND custom 1 label is "Keywords", Athenaeum will also search custom 1 (notionally "keywords") for the term as well as subjects

  • additional tooltips on issue detail screen

  • new button on Filter menu: Overdue not staff. Finds all issues that are overdue and then omits overdue issues to borrowers whose type is "Staff"

  • Borrower list: List overdues for found set of borrowers option in Command buttons

  • Added option to choose email 1 or 2 when sending emails to borrower rooms. Also, if the selected email is empty, Athenaeum will automatically attempt to use the other email address. The room list now also shows email address 2 of the assigned borrower.

  • Added TLS option to connection encryption method for sending SMTP email (for exchange servers)

  • fixed a bug in [[fees]] token in correspondence. Was inserting the replace charge, rather than the outstanding fees amount.

  • Export and import all data option in un-passworded filemaker format (accessed from admin->utility->Import/Export)

  • added "year" and "room" tokens to reserve quick letter in preferences. Creating reserve letters from returns will use these.

  • Subject clickable links on client screens now show the first 40 characters rather than the first 27 characters of the subject entry.

  • Corrected a cosmetic bug in reserve notification message when returning a reserved item.

  • Gear widget on circulation lists bring return/extend/lost/add fee commands directly to list view (requires FileMaker 14 or higher)

  • Gear widget on Borrower list views shows more detail about borrower, including current issues without leaving list view (requires FileMaker 14 or higher)

  • Gear widget on Catalogue list shows more detail about the item without leaving list view (requires FileMaker 14 or higher)

  • Gear widget next to "Due" label in catalogue list opens a pop-over showing the issue detail, allowing issue/extending as well as a reserve list (if any). You can send letters from this reserve list as well as issue (requires FileMaker 14 or higher).

  • removed reference to SchoolsCat in MARC module

  • Graphics can be linked to Genre instead of Type, if desired. Should you have linked a graphic to both, then genre "wins".

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